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Dentsply Sirona [NASDAQ: XRAY]: Redefining Dental Care

Don Casey, CEO, Dentsply Sirona [NASDAQ: XRAY]Don Casey, CEO, Dentsply Sirona [NASDAQ: XRAY] The foundation of Dentsply Sirona was led in 2016 after DENTSPLY International and Sirona Dental Systems merged. The partnership proved very fruitful as the company has been selling thousands of dental products and solutions every year that reach 600,000 professionals who treat more than 6,000,000 patients daily, meaning a billion patients each year. The wide range of innovative solutions offered by Dentsply Sirona that have redefined dental care is preventive care, restorative, orthodontics, endodontics, implants, prosthetics, CAD/CAM, imaging systems, treatment centers, and instruments.

The company focuses on empowering dental professionals and enables them to provide faster, safer and better dental care to their patients. Dentsply Sirona works with dental professionals to enable them to envision what is possible, and then provide innovative solutions to achieve it. The only goal of the company is to help dental professionals in delivering the best care, for the benefit of their patients and practices – today and for years to come. “The passion dentists have for their profession always amazes me. Their commitment to patients and healthcare overall is inspiring and incomparable to any other business. As a company, we take that passion and commitment and put it back into our work to make dentistry even better and create procedures that help dental professionals at practices and laboratories get ahead. The only way we can achieve it is if we listen to our customers every single day,” says Don Casey, CEO of Dentsply Sirona.

Improving Oral Health

The base of any care starts with prevention and Dentsply Sirona’s preventive care solutions take care of that in the field of dental. The company through its solutions helps dentists and hygienists to diagnose a broader range of potential problems earlier and with greater accuracy. The preventive care solution consists of set up, diagnosis, anesthetics, scaling, polishing, and treatments.

The restorative procedure of Dentsply Sirona helps dentists navigate even the most common processes with greater success. The cutting-edge devices offer dental care professionals the highest level of control, enabling smooth contoured surfaces with excellent shade-matching and stain resistance. The restorative care solution encompasses set up, diagnosis, anesthetics, tooth preparation, direct restoration, indirect restoration, and curing and finishing.

Orthodontics is entirely different from the other solutions because the case of each patient is unique in its way. Creating a patient’s ideal smile is a very responsible task, which means a correct balance between several variables, like treatment effectiveness, visibility and time. To help dentists in pursuing the ideal care, Dentsply Sirona’s orthodontic care solution offers to set up, diagnosis and planning, treatment preparation, treatment delivery, and retention and protection.

Dentsply Sirona’s endodontics is all about making root canal therapy practical for more teeth and also making it comfortable for patients as well as professionals.

The endodontics solution enables dental care professionals in treating the most challenging cases with utmost confidence while providing highly specialized tools that fit their preferred ways of working.

The company’s implant solutions enable patients to replace their decayed or broken teeth confidently. They cover all phases of implant dentistry, from pre-surgical planning through the final restoration; and the solutions that help in the process are set up, digital planning software, site preparation, bone regeneration, implant placement, abutment placement, and restoration.

As a company, we take that passion and commitment and put it back into our work to make dentistry even better

Prosthetics is the other significant offering of Dentsply Sirona that offer superior shading, natural-looking translucency, and high durability. This solution consists of set up that prevent infection while providing diagnosis, planning and impression, milling and casting, tooth preparation, placement, and finishing and polishing.

Dentsply Sirona’s CAD/CAM solutions consist of design, milling/grinding, scanning, and sintering/glazing technology. Through these solutions, the company offers standardized system technology with seamless digital workflows. While its inLab solutions make the transfer of data and information between the practice and dental lab both more comfortable and faster for clinicians and technicians.

The imaging systems of Dentsply Sirona ensure maximum insight and confidence. The product range of imaging systems is dedicated to 3D imaging, 2D/3D hybrid, 2D imaging, intraoral imaging, software, technical documentation, and safety data sheets. While the solutions defining the systems are extraoral imaging, intraoral imaging, and imaging software that support preventive, restorative, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthetics, and implants.

In addition to all these solutions and facilities, Dentsply Sirona also provides next-generation treatment centers that come with modern design and high-quality materials to support more integrated workflows in fields like endodontics and implantology. While the company’s instruments help dental professionals in achieving the best result because they are lightweight and can be guided without effort.

Innovations and Empowerment

Being not only the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, but Dentsply Sirona also helps in envisioning a clinic project. The company provides A-Z help from planning a new clinic to modernizing equipment and helps in realizing what one’s goals are.

Dentsply Sirona spends more than $150Mn every year to improve the industry’s condition and work on the R&D platform with over 600 scientists and engineers to enhance the system. Due to its constant contribution in the innovation field, Dentsply Sirona has been constantly at the forefront of technological progress and is setting new standards in dental treatments every day. The result of this hard work is the innovations that are all set to transform the way the dental industry works. The names of some of these innovations are SphereTEC invented in 2015, Celtra Press in 2016, Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System in 2017, Azento (Single Tooth Replacement) in 2018, SureSmiler Aligners (2018), and the Ovation S polysapphire clear brackets (2018).

For its outstanding works, Dentsply Sirona has been recognized time and again by the leaders of the industry. Apart from receiving Red Dot Awards for X-SMART iQ and CEREC SpeedFire, the company has also received a number of highly respected industry peer awards for clinically relevant, high-quality products. The most recent of them all are “Factory of the Future Award” for Implants, FOX Visuals Silver and FOX Award Silver awards for VISION, and Dental Advisor’s Preferred Product Award for Midwest RDH Freedom Cordless Prophy System, and Dental Advisor +++++ for Nupro, White Varnish and Midwest RDH.

Empowering Universities and Large Clinics

With over 60 years of experience and more than 1,000 successful projects, Dentsply Sirona International Clinics Solutions is the number choice for bringing education to the next level. The company offers all vital products and training for the development of large clinical departments and universities, and also reliable simulation units and treatment centers.

The Dentsply Sirona Academy offers courses in about 80 countries while educating around 350,000 dental professionals every year across an extensive range of clinical, technical and practice programs. The academy has the most extensive practice support team in dentistry, with over 4,000 dedicated people supporting customers every day.

From the training perspective, Dentsply Sirona offers prepCheck that trains future dental practitioners in the skill of preparations. It is an easy-to-learn platform that records and analyses trainee’ results and offers suggestions for improvement. Features of prepCheck are it is innovative, proven and evidence-based. “In the beginning as a student, you are always uncertain in preparations, especially with a patient. prepCheck has given me more self-assurance,” said Christine Wiebe, a Dental student of pre- and clinical training, and also one of the happy users of prepCheck.

For effective learning, Dentsply Sirona also provides simulation units customized to the individual needs. The units come equipped with several kinds of dentist elements depending on the required functionalities as well as space conditions. Some of these units are simulation units – standalone, simulation units – bench type, multimedia collaboration system, and computer-aided training.

Envisioning Future

Currently, Dentsply Sirona is making a difference in the lives of more than six million dental patients every day. The company aims to do the same in the future also; it is dedicated to continually improving it together with the professionals on whom patients rely.

On that note, the company has recently partnered with Hospanic Dental Association to pave the way for dental innovation, especially in disadvantaged communities. “We are very proud and excited to support this unique opportunity to interact with the youngest generation of dental industry entrepreneurs. Their innovative ideas are of great value for us as the industry leader of innovation in dentistry,” stated Terri Dolan, Chief Clinical Officer, Dentsply Sirona.

The other major step taken by Dentsply Sirona is that it has collaborated with Spear Education– a national leader in dental continuing education– to offer endodontists a unique opportunity to grow their practice and become more successful at finding work-life balance. “We thought this was a missing link in the endo community. We want to help endodontists achieve a better work-life balance while continuing to grow their business,” noted Kim Livesay-Brownell, Dentsply Sirona’s endodontic segment manager.

- Divya Kishore
    December 06, 2018