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Top 10 Dental Tech Companies - 2018

With the advent of technology into the dental care, dentists who were once thought to be there to identify and treat the problems are now taking a more preventative standpoint with their patients. For instance, with the use of the Bluetooth-connected toothbrush, the patients and dentists can track in real time how one is brushing his/her teeth, thereby taking proper measures to prevent any potential dental issues. On the other hand, the intra-oral cameras are helping dentists to not only see inside the patient’s mouth, covering hard to reach regions but also deliver detailed pictures which patients can actually understand, helping them to take proactive care of their dental health.

Besides, the ongoing development of diagnostic tools, like digital imaging, S-Ray and more, are helping in ever-greater precision of the dental care without exposing patients to harmful radiation. Dentists are now using “soft tissue lasers” for minor gum surgery instead of “hard tissue lasers.” Some technological developments are also enabling initial scanning at home before actually visiting a dentist. Not only this, but 3-D printing has also replaced the manual modeling of the crown. With Computer- Assisted Design/Computer-Assisted Manufacture (CAD/CAM), dentists can now easily drill a tooth to prepare it for the crown and take a picture of it with a computer. This image is then dispatched to a machine that makes the crown right in the dentists’ office without waiting for days.

The future of dental care is looking very different from what it is today with no drills, no pain, no injection, and shorter treatment procedure. As dental care professionals are witnessing these changes, they are on the continuous lookout for the aptest solution for their care model. Though the market is full of new age solution providers claiming to offer the best, it has become tough for dental care leaders to find the right one. To help them out, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Healthcare Tech Outlook has narrowed down the top ten dental solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering dental care solutions.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Dental Solution Providers -2018.”

    Top Dental Tech Companies

  • BEGO provides dental labs with Varseo S, a unique 3-D printing system, that delivers flexible, accurate, and cost-effective dental fabrication and restoration

  • Creator of an AI-powered virtual dental practice assistant named, Donna™ that helps grow and manage dental practices with intelligence

  • Company uses actionable metrics to help dental practices improve patient care, team collaboration, and profitability

  • Provides professional dental products and technologies, and empowers dental professionals to provide better, safer and faster dental care

  • Provides secure and compliant practice management and communication solutions

  • Provides innovative surgical solutions to the dental and medical fields which improve treatment efficiency and offer more predictable treatment outcomes

  • BIOLASE, Inc.

    BIOLASE, Inc.

    Manufactures and sells dental imaging equipment, CAD/ CAM scanners, and laser systems

  • Carestream Dental

    Carestream Dental

    Provides software and practice management solutions, imaging equipment, CAD/CAM systems for dental professionals

  • Convergent Dental

    Convergent Dental

    Provides computer-aided hard, soft and osseous tissue dental laser system, Solea

  • Orca Dental AI

    Orca Dental AI

    Provides automated dental imaging solutions by incorporating machine learning and AI technologies