Top Dental Solution companies
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Top 10 Dental Solution Companies - 2021

As the world is adapting to the new normal, many industries have indeed been reforming themselves to accommodate the new changes. Dentistry is one of those sectors that was hugely affected by the pandemic restrictions of social distancing since clinics were forced to shut down. But by strategically implementing the modern technological trends, dentists are now able to provide their services with all while maintaining the existing pandemic regulations.

In that regard, AI has been highly helping dentists to improve their clinical decision-making by deriving valuable insights from large sets of patients’ historic data to provide appropriate treatment methods. AI algorithms are not only helping clinicians to analyze patient data but also review research findings and treatment techniques within lesser timeframe and provide patients more accurate therapeutic and diagnostic recommendations. In addition, artificial neural networks are being used to efficiently detect dental decay and periodontal disease from radiographs.

3D printing is another technology widely being used by dentists to create dentures and dental crowns and help treat tooth misalignment. Dentists are leveraging this technology to create dental crowns with the help of intraoral scanners. These crowns are now being created in-house, which is thereby helping dentists reduce costs significantly and deliver the products in less time.

In order to assist dentists in the task of finding accomplished dental solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 dental solution providers to highlight the organizations that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these dental solution providers are set to transform the dynamics of the dental landscape. This edition also blends thought leadership from subject matter experts and CXOs. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a dental ecosystem driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Dental Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Dental Solution companies

  • A pioneer of AI-powered dentistry, DentalMonitoring offers a suite of software solutions to help dental professionals make high-quality care accessible, convenient, and efficient throughout all stages of the patient journey. Commercial sales of DentalMonitoring products began in 2017 after three years of R&D, product development and software engineering. Today, DentalMonitoring operates in 53 countries, with offices in Europe, the USA, Australia and China, and they regard their diversity as a source of empowerment. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company saw a worldwide increase in patients monitored with their solutions as office closures created a need for practices to remotely track patient progress. Theirs was the only solution fitted to assist providers and help them maintain the level of care they have always brought to their patients

  • Kappler Group is an industry leader in interior and cabinetry design, project management, and IT solutions provider for dental clinics. Established in Germany in 1947 by Erwin and Berta Kappler as a provider of dental cabinetry, Kappler Group today provides bespoke services that help dentists improve the productivity of their clinics’ staff and streamline and digitalize workflows. Kappler forges strong and long-lasting relationships with its clients and provides them with the highest quality of design and cabinetry.

  • BEGO


    BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilhelm Herbst GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading dental companies in the business of dental prosthetics and implantology. The German company provides dental lab technicians and dentists with materials, equipment and processes for the manufacturing of dental prosthetics (precious nonprecious alloys, ceramics, implants, CAD/CAM).

  • CareCru


    CareCru is the creator of Donna™, a virtual dental practice assistant, powered by AI, that grows and manages dental practices. Through Donna, dental practices are able to more effectively grow and manage their business, while drastically enhancing their patients’ experience. Hiring Donna is like adding three world-class team members to your practice—a front office assistant, a marketing specialist, and a practice consultant. Donna needs no supervision. She manages a task from start to completion, with intelligence. She logs her correspondence and notes directly in your practice management software the same way you would train a staff member to do so. By managing some of the more tedious, mundane tasks, Donna allows the front office team to focus their efforts on higher value activities, such as patient interaction and treatment acceptance. Donna is the front office’s new favorite team member because she sees an area that needs improvement, she rolls up her sleeves and gets right to work.

  • Cloud Dentistry

    Cloud Dentistry

    Cloud Dentistry is an online interactive platform, for dental offices to connect with dental staff, in real time. No middleman. Cloud Dentistry is the largest dental talent marketplace directly connecting professionals seeking temp, part-time or full-time work to offices with staffing needs in their area.

  • Convergent Dental

    Convergent Dental

    Convergent Dental is a privately owned dental equipment and technology company and developer of Solea®, the world’s first computer-aided, CO2 laser system to ever be cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue indications. Solea cuts significantly quieter, finer and faster than any other laser-based system in dentistry. Solea’s speed and precision are a result of patented technologies and computer system controls that are unique to Convergent Dental.

  • Dentulu


    Dentulu is the world's leading platform for on-demand mobile dentistry & teledentistry available across all platforms. Dentulu was founded in 2018 by dental professionals & technology experts coming together to provide scalable technology solutions to connect patients and dental professionals while simultaneously creating a marketplace. Dentulu is available in several languages, on various platforms, and expanding internationally through collaborative partnerships. Dentulu's core products deliver a consolidation of HIPAA compliant Teledentistry solutions at an affordable price. Dentulu's mission to increase access to affordable dental care mirrors its goals to give dental professionals affordable technology solutions as needed and on demand. Dentulu's SaaS model for providers compliments its direct to consumer capabilities and is also available for white labeling and licensing.

  • Digital Smile Design

    Digital Smile Design

    DSD was developed for dentists who are looking for more than a job that pays the bills. DSD gives purpose, identity and much more by teaching three core concepts that will help you to amplify your passion, your pride and your performance in dentistry.

  • iCoreConnect


    iCoreConnect is a cloud-based software and technology company focused on increasing profit and operational speed in challenging business environments. iCoreConnect is most notably known for its innovation in solving healthcare business problems. The company’s philosophy is built on a high level of customer feedback, allowing iCoreConnect to respond to the market’s needs. iCoreConnect touts a platform of more than a dozen SaaS enterprise services and more than 40 agreements with state or regional healthcare associations. iCoreConnect is a member of the prestigious StartUp Health accelerator.

  • ORCA Dental AI

    ORCA Dental AI

    ORCA Dental AI creates automated dental imaging solutions which improve dental practice of the entire dental ecosystem, including specialty practices such as Orthodontics and Implantology, allowing dentists to generate an immediate and accurate scan analysis, diagnostics and optimal treatment plan for their patients, to advance and streamline the entire dental process from the comfort of their own office. ORCA combines clinical expertise with Machine Learning & AI technologies, and based on X-rays, CTs, and Intraoral Scans, are generating an immediate array of reports, ranging from general care to specialized fields in oral health, such as Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. With ORCA Dental AI, independent practitioners can provide more efficient and superior dental care.