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AI Comes to the Dentist's Chair
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Christian S. Stohler, DMD, DrMedDent, Dean, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine & SVP, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

If you fell asleep in a dentist’s office in 1968 and awoke in 2018, you would hardly be astonished by the way your 21st century provider cleaned, filled, or extracted teeth. Dental practice has stayed largely the same over many decades....

Data Governance Is Relatively New To The Healthcare Industry
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William Phillips, SVP & CIO, University Health System

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations One of the largest challenges is to establish Data Governance in Healthcare. The new buzz word in health information technology is big data. You see many articles and...

The Dichotomy of Healthcare Innovation
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Albert Villarin, MD FACEP, CMIO & Associate CIO, Director, Quality Analytics, Staten Island University Hospital, Northwell Health Network

Current State: Progress continues across all healthcare providing innovations and enhancements of care delivery. Two disparate drivers, innovation and policy, remain separated in function and poorly adopted by clinicians. Computer automation of...

New Solutions by Impinj and its Partners Improves Healthcare
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SEATTLE, WA: RAIN RFID solutions provider, Impinj, announces new technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Built on the Impinj platform, the company now offers four new solutions that are developed in collaboration with the other...

RFID-enabled Visitor Badges Eases Patient Registration and Documentation of Health Records
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BALTIMORE, MD: Barcoding, the supply chain solutions provider partners with Better Day Health, web-based health management system to build a solution that improves overall patient experience in clinical settings. The latter company’s...

Haldor Advanced Technologies and 3M Launches Haldor's ORLocate System Interface
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CHERRY HILL, NJ: Haldor Advanced Technologies, a developer of healthcare solutions like ORLocate has launched an Automatic Integration Connector between ORLocate SPD Solution – that offers accurate, efficient and real-time tracking and...

Straumann Rides on Terso Inventory Management Solution for Better Dentistry
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MADISON, WI: Terso Solutions, a provider of automated inventory management solutions for healthcare and life science, announces its partnership with Straumann for an automated consignment inventory program for dental implant products. Straumann is...

Surgio: The Force Multiplier for Optimized Inventory
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Kevin McGann, CEO

Surgio is a leading operating room management solution provider that serves as Client Relationship Manager (CRM) for hospitals and surgeons, keeps track of all contracts-related information and procedures, and saves time. The company offers a case...

Besse Medical: Gateway to Integrated Inventory Management
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Mick Besse, President

The preferred specialty supplier and solutions partner, accelerating access to products, insights, technology, and guidance for community physicians

VUEMED: Tracking Products Individually from Point of Entry to Point of Care
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Arnold Chazal, CEO

Utilizes RAIN RFID technology to provide granular visibility and control in inventory management of hospital products at an item level

Taylor Communications: Bridging Operational Gaps in Patient Engagement
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Mark O’Leary, President

Providing market-specific insights and a compelling portfolio of patient-engagement solutions in the healthcare domain
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