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Dentistry in the Digital Age
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R. Timothy Verceles, DDS MAGD AEGD Program Director Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Highland Hospital-Alameda Health System

I graduated from dental school more than 25 years ago and continue to be impressed with the unimaginable breakthroughs in dental technology during this time. I am very excited to embrace the new technologies that allow me to perform dental...

Wearables are Driving the Internet of People
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Brett Shockley, SVP and CTO, Avaya

I confess. I love to play with new technology. In my roles over the years as an entrepreneur, CTO and innovator, I have had the opportunity to explore new things on a regular basis. Whenever I look at new technology, I always ask myself whether...

Simulating the Future of Making Things
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Greg Fallon, VP of Simulation Products, Autodesk

Today, the way products are designed and manufactured is rapidly changing, driven by the introduction of new technologies and increased product performance requirements. Companies are looking for ways to respond to the demand for lighter weight...

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Start with a Plan
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Bill Phillips, Sr. VP & CIO, University Health System, San Antonio, Texas

Today’s healthcare landscape continues to become more complex each day. The CIO’s role is ever-expanding with additional responsibilities. At the top of this list is the protection and security of the systems and data of the...

(VR/AR/MR) Reality in Healthcare
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Gajen Sunthara, Director of Innovation R&D, Innovation Program, Boston Children’s Hospital

During the Google Glass (GG) evolution, all types of “reality” became mainstream including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). During the debut of the GG era, I wrote my thesis at Harvard University on...

The Dichotomy of Healthcare Innovation
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Albert Villarin, MD FACEP, CMIO & Associate CIO, Director, Quality Analytics, Staten Island University Hospital, Northwell Health Network

Current State: Progress continues across all healthcare providing innovations and enhancements of care delivery. Two disparate drivers, innovation and policy, remain separated in function and poorly adopted by clinicians. Computer automation of...

The Three Ways Software is about to Eat Healthcare
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Glen Tullman, CEO, Livongo

As someone who was at the forefront of creating software that would impact the way we deliver healthcare, I remember the resistance and doubt that accompanied the rise of e-prescribing and Electronic Health Records. Some physicians said they would...

Health Information Technology's Increasing Value in Innovation
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Ed Kopetsky, CIO, Stanford Children’s Health

Health Information Technology’s (HIT) role in supporting innovation is critical to improving healthcare and assuring the viability of healthcare delivery organizations. The current healthcare landscape is on the verge of massive change...

Healthcare Tech Electronic Medical Records: An Ethical Imperative or a Regulatory Imperative?
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Doris Peek, SVP & CIO, Broward Health

In the 1990s, the Institute of Medicine’s Computer-based Patient Record (CPR) committee defined the CPR as an “electronic patient record that resides in a system specifically designed to support users through availability of complete...

GEMMS: The Complete EHR Solution for Cardiologists
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Rodger Pinto, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Offers a complete interoperable and integrated application for EHR and Revenue Cycle Management and is launching an innovative remote patient management platform

RecordsOne: A Smarter Approach to Data Management
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Steven Bonney, EVP

RecordsOne is a developer of technology that aids in the creation and use of clinical documentation to improve efficiency throughout the continuum of care