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The Potential of Dental Technology and its Advancements
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Providentially, new technological enhancements are making visits to the dentist quicker, less painful, and more dependable. Due to the advancements, dental industry is proliferating and is seeing a persistent makeover than it did in past years....

Geisinger Joins Forces with Medial EarlySign to Detect and Prevent High-Burden Diseases
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Ori Geva, Co-Founder and CEO

Healthcare organizations are migrating from volume to value-based care, and partnering with relevant solution providers to receive outcome-focused care delivery and prevent the onset of high-burden diseases. FREMONT, CA: The healthcare...

AI Application in Dentistry and Its Benefits
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Digitization is seeping in every industry and healthcare sector has also seen extensive changes. Health records, high-resolution digital imaging, and virtual patient visits are some of the advantages of digitization. Dentistry has also been...

Dentistry in the Digital Age
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R. Timothy Verceles, DDS MAGD AEGD Program Director Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Highland Hospital-Alameda Health System

I graduated from dental school more than 25 years ago and continue to be impressed with the unimaginable breakthroughs in dental technology during this time. I am very excited to embrace the new technologies that allow me to perform dental...

Dentistry and Emerging Trends in Technology 2018
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Louis Siegelman, Assistant Director of Dentist Anesthesiology, NYU Langone Health, Brooklyn

Dentistry is poised to benefit from trends in CAD/ CAM, computer aided design and computer aided manufacture, and biotechnology. Dentistry is a field that intersects health care and esthetic services with advanced technology in materials...

3D Printing to Revolutionize the Chemical Supply Chain
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Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

The massive growth in the use and applications of 3D Printers is driving growth in the market for 3D Printing materials. 3D Printing is changing the way we manufacture, disrupting the whole chemical supply chain. New ways of formulating and...

3D Printing to Improve Our Lives: Expanding Your Solution to the Healthcare Industry(Part-2)
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Hui Jenny Chen, M.D., Neuroradiologist at Stanford Healthcare and founder of 3DHEALS

While there are various methodologies for vertical expansion, our approach emphasizes the need to consider the unique dynamics of the healthcare industry and moreover the specifications of3D printing in healthcare. Additionally, our approach looks...

3D Printing for Life: Expanding Your Solution into the Healthcare Industry
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Hui Jenny Chen, M.D., a Neuro Radiologist at Stanford Healthcare and founder of 3DHEALS

Consider this: 400+ life-sized pediatric congenital heart disease models have been used to help save lives by improving pre-surgical planning and also potentially reduce the operative time for patients. These models were created using 3D printing...

Dentsply Sirona [NASDAQ: XRAY]: Redefining Dental Care
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Don Casey, CEO

Provides professional dental products and technologies, and empowers dental professionals to provide better, safer and faster dental care

Lantheus Medical Imaging: Mastering the Art of Medical Imaging
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Mary Anne Heino, President & CEO

Lantheus Medical Imaging provides a broad portfolio of products primarily used for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Lantheus is a leading player in medical imaging solution provider that develops, manufactures, and commercializes...

iCAD: Conquering Breast Cancer through Deep Learning
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Ken Ferry, CEO

iCAD is a market leader in advanced breast cancer detection software solutions built on artificial intelligence, that enable radiologists to find breast cancers earlier while improving reading workflow.